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  • Weird_al
    Billy Joel
    says addiction is common among musicians. Coincidentally, this follows the insight that "making music is commmon among musicians" in the upcoming book I’m working on titled: No S**t!
  • Hooters Air has called it quits after a three-year run. The service had already begun to sag and wasn’t as much fun to look at.
  • David Hasselhoff baffled court reporters and officials in Los Angeles yesterday when he began belting out a German tune outside the courtroom during his custody hearing. Come on! How could you not award the Hoff full custody after that??
  • Weird Al fans are collecting money to get Mr. Yankovic a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame. Hollywood insists he apologizes for UHF first.
  • Paula Abdul has signed a deal that keeps her on American Idol for three more years. Sadly, this interferes with her original plan to fade into oblivion.
  • Busta Rhymes dissed a gay fan for touching him outside a diner in Miami, whispering to his bodyguards "I hate f**king faggots man." To which the bodyguard replied, "Then stop f**king them, Busta."
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