While You Were Walkin’ On Sunshine


  • Whitney_4
    Actor Joseph Gordon Levitt makes a paparazzi pic of his own.  I can’t believe some "big celebrity" type would actually pick on such humble, helpless, and hard-working craftsmen.
  • Meet Ricky Bobby.
  • Mark "y Mark" Wahlberg added a new baby to his entourage.  Guess this means Turtle will have to find his own place to live.
  • Whitney Houston, still hooked on crack, is like the Pete Doherty of R&B.
  • Noooooooooooo!  We’ll get you for this, Rachel Ray.  You haven’t heard the last from us!
  • "That’s SIR Tom Jones to you, missy.  Now hurry up, I gotta be onstage in 10 minutes."
  • Be careful what you wish for
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