Prison Break Spoiler Alert: They Break Out of Prison


Fox has renewed the new hit show Prison Break for a second season, and in the process spilled the beans on the not-so-surprise ending of season 1.

“Season 2 will be the manhunt,” series creator and executive producer
Paul Scheuring told the trade paper The Hollywood Reporter. “It will be
‘The Fugitive’ times eight.”

Lame! Come on Prison Break guys, that’s a rookie mistake. It’d be like if Lost renamed the show Lost: They’re Not Getting Off That Damn Island, or if 24 went with 24 Episodes Where Jack Bauer Almost Dies, But Doesn’t.  Where’s the fun in that? Oh well. I guess I’m going to have to watch the rest of the season to find out which 3 characters die in the last episode. Yeah. They spoiled that too. *Sigh* [read the story here]

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