Rosie Waxes (Poetic) Star



When Joy Behar wants to knock Star Jones off her pedestal she cuts her off on national television. But when the introspective Rosie O’Donnell wants to put Star in her place she sits down and writes a poem. Yesterday, the former talk-show-host-gone-bonkers, posted an e.e. cummings inspired poem called Star View on her blog. Within her prosaic stanzas that reference both Regis and George W., O’Donnell compares Star to a scared little girl who lost half herself. And culmintaes with the zen-like allusion to the cyclical nature of life with the couplet:

peace to star jones
every wave hits the shore

But don’t let me interpret the poem for you. Read it in full (a few times to really absorb it) after the jump… (tip via fadedyouth)


By Rosie O’Donnell

there is drama at the view
regis went on yesterday
and said
hey there is an elephant in the living room

no one likes to pretend
as if it were real

there comes a point
where u become complicit

star jones had weight loss surgery
she had part of her stomach bypassed
that is how she lost 1/2 herself

she refuses to say this
which is her right
but we do not have to pretend
we do not know

any fatty will tell u
it is nearly impossible to go
from where she was
to where she is
without medical intervention

dats da fact jack
and it is ok
talk to ur doctor
decide for yourself
if this is the option for u
by all means do it

it is hard to be fat
u get tired
ur knees hurt
people stare at u
think u less then
u feel less then

when i see one of r own
fly away from planet plus
i wave with misty eyes
proud astonished worried

we have a high recidivism rate
we us r tribe
sis and bros

so star shrinks b4 our eyes
we know the truth
but nod as she talks about
pilates and will power

i am sure star jones
beneathe the beyonce bravado
is a scared lil girl
who grew her body big
strong and safe

there is no delete button
in real life

george bush
talking about the success
in iraq
with star like showmanship
he thinking we still believe
what we know is not true

we dont buy it

peace to star jones
every wave hits the shore

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