The Most Sexually Frustrated Island in the World


A humble suggestion for the writers of LOST:

Last night when I was watching the show, something occurred to me: nobody on the island seems even remotely concerned about sex.  Sure, there was the Sayeed/Shannon thing and all sorts of painfully unfulfilled sexual tension between Kate and Jack and Sawyer, but I find it strange that sex is never even so much as implied or alluded to on the show.  These people have been stuck on that island for months now with nothing to do, and I’m sure that some of them have to be pretty hard up some for some lovin’.  I haven’t seen such a sexless collection of "mystery solvers" since Scooby-Doo.  Hell, even the "others" have to kidnap children, which leads me to believe they’re either without women or saving themselves for marriage.

Since they insist on stretching their plot points out for million years, what the show really needs is a total horndog character to provide a comedic/romantic subplot about their unending quest to bone everybody on the island, leaving all that "mystery solving" to Locke and company.  Hurley’s eating problems are boring – why not make him a raging sex fiend?  Or maybe Samantha from Sex and the City can crash a hang-glider and get stranded or something.  Quit it with all this "secret maps and mystery" gobbleygook and get to the real action!

At least Sun is getting laid.

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