American Idol Rejection Isn’t So Bad


Covais_tucker_0330_160x120 With most reality shows once you’re time’s up, you’re pretty much handed your walking papers and kicked to the curb. But if you’re kicked off American Idol, you’re practically treated like a king.

According to after the remaining ‘Idols’ say goodbye to their comrade, the rejected ‘Idol’ is immediately taken into a private room, in which a psychologist and an ‘Idol’ management rep are present. No one is allowed to enter while certain issues are addressed — the rejected ‘Idol’s’ feelings, what he or she can and can not talk about, what that person can and can not do, and what responsibilities they have now that they’re off the show. 

If that weren’t enough, the remaining cast takes the rejected contestant out for a family-style Italian dinner. 

All the salad and breadsticks I want? And a free shrink? Kevin Covais hit the jackpot.

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