OC Recap– From A Friend of A Friend


Don’t hate me when I say this… but I’ve never seen an episode of The OC. Crazy, right? I just missed the boat entirely. Well, you can imagine my surprise  when I got a phone call from a friend today who just had to tell me everything that happened during last night’s AMAZING episode. Since I knew this information would be lost on me, I decided to transcribe what she said, word for word, as she said it. So here it is, last night’s OC for ya, recapped by a friend of a friend:Marissa

It was such a great episode. Marissa is hooking up with this guy and—you’re typing what I’m
saying, aren’t you? Stop it. —okay, Marissa is upset because she’s not with Ryan anymore and her mother
is now engaged to her best friend’s dad. So she’s fighting with her best friend
and she started doing coke. On the beach. At the end of the episode. And everyone
is worried about her. Ryan found a flask in her school book. Oh and ryan and Sadie, they got back together. She decided to not leave town and stay with him. And they
had sex also. And what else happened? Seth Cohen went to an AA meeting with his
mom. Oh, and this guy who worked with Sandy got the s**t kicked out of him by
um this bad guy. This bad guy that Sandy’s doing business with. And he kicked
the s**t out of him. Matt is the guy! And I think that was it. There was a lot
of sex and a lot of beating up and a lot of drugs. It was really good.

Sex, drugs, and s**t kicking. Damn, maybe I should be watching the OC. Did you see it last night? What’d you think of the episode? Did she miss anything?

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