CINEMA’S GOLDEN ERA: March of Sharon Stone’s Old Cooch


Because there are so many good movies it’s hard to only choose 5, here are the top TEN films you spent your hard-earned money on this past weekend:

1.  Once again, there is nothing America loves more than movies about cute animals in arctic temperatures (especially when they’re animated) – $70.5 million

2.  Spike Lee does the right thing and makes a movie that doesn’t make you want to choke him – $15.7 million

3.  ATL?  BTW, FYI: BFD – $12.5 million

4.  Failure to just go away already – $6.6 million

5.  V for Vaguely ignored by arctic animal-loving moviegoers – $6.4 million

6.  Stay alive until you’re bored to death – $4.5 million

7.  She’s the lamest idea for a remake in history – $4.5 million

8.  Who cares about snakes that aren’t on a plane? – $3.7 million

9.  Tim Allen will do stupid animal tricks for food$3.5 million

10.  The moviegoing public’s basic instinct was to not go stare at some cougar’s vajayjay for an hour and a half – $3.2 million


10.  Larry the Cable Guy is as exactly as attractive as Sharon Stone’s 50 year-old vagina – $3.2 million

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