NoTORIous Blind Item



If you caught the premiere episodes of Tori Spelling’s new comback, So NoTORIous, you may have noticed the "reality-based sitcom" had more than a few recognizable characters.

In the show’s second episode, Tori, joins a hollywood cult-religion call "Whole" that’s eager to welcome celebrities into it’s fold. But it’s main celebrity representive is an actor named Mark Berry who sports a midlife crisis jacket, a short stature and a beard (and not the kind that grows on your face).

The character of Berry is a closeted gay man who loves his faux girlfriend but loves hooking up with other guys in the "Whole" sauna even more. Since it is a show based on reality, we assume Berry is inspired by some spiritually-obessesed, vertically-challenged, sexually-perplexed Hollywood celebrity, but we just can’t place our finger on who…

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