While You Were Loving The Extra Hour of Daylight


  • Bob_ross
    Hugh Hefner
    has apologized to Jessica Alba for making people think she was in Playboy. Next up, apologizing to men everywhere for making them think that Jessica Alba was in Playboy.
  • Matthew McConaughey has converted vegetarian Penelope Cruz into a carnivore. Her extinction is no longer imminent.
  • Lindsay Lohan, Kate Moss, and Courtney Love are reportedly going on vacation together. Any pictures taken on the trip are expected to double as Before-During-After pamphlets at your local Methodone Clinic.
  • Michael Douglas says men shouldn’t wear makeup. Well, except for actors. They’re special.
  • A videogame based on Bob Ross’ The Joy of Painting is in the works. It’s being marketed to those four of five people out there who don’t find Grand Theft Auto exciting enough.
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