SIZZLER: Brad Walks Out on Angelina?


brad1.jpgAccording to “NW” Magazine, a source we trust inherently though we’ve never heard of them until now, Brad Pitt has walked out on a very pregnant Angelina. The problems revolve around the fact that Angelina won’t stop flying, won’t start eating and won’t get married. The two have been “fighting like cats and dogs” over her desire to fly while very pregnant and her incredibly skinny unhealthy frame. And while Brad wants to wed, “Ange has been putting up obstacle after obstacle and it’s clear to Brad she’s not just stalling anymore. She doesn’t seem to have any intention of marrying him any time soon.” So Brad reportedly walked out on Angelina and her bevvy of babies.

You know what would make Brad feel better? A weekend in Vegas with his good buddy George Clooney. Oh crap, he walked out on him too.

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