SIZZLER: Eminem Divorces Again


eminemRapper Eminem has filed for divorce from longtime love Kim Mathers after reconciling with her for the bajillionth time in a formal wedding just 82 days ago. What’s more, the rapper does not even have a pre-nup.

I was starting to think Eminem was absolutely bonkers for marrying Kim in the first place, than writing a song about killing her, then reconciling with her, then bailing her out of jail , then remarrying her with out a prenup and then divorcing her all in the past few years. But then I remembered that he’s addicted to sleeping pills and I put to 2 and 2 together.

Could Eminem be having a normal reaction to Ambien–a sleep medication that’s causing people to do weird activities while under the influence? According to recent reports, some people sleep-walk, others sleep-eat or even sleep-drive and some, like Eminem, have the misfortune of sleep-marrying. Of course when wakes up he’s got to call his divorce lawyer and start the whole de-marrying process all over again. We sympathize with his predicament. And while we’re certainly not doctors, we suggest he consider switching to Lunesta. When it comes to side effects, shortness of breath is a hell of a lot better than sh*t broke.

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