Rosie Rips Rogers, Cowell with the Mighty Pen


pic.odonnell.jpgAfter the overwhelming critical response to her Homerian Star Jones poem, Rosie O’ Donnell has posted more illuminating verse on her blog. This time the poem is called “Journalism” and it grapples with such weighty topics as Kenny Rogers’ plastic surgery (does kenny rogers think/ he looks better this way), iTunes (I TUNES SUCK), American Idol etiquette (ryan seacrest just said/WITH ALL DUE RESPECT/to simon cowell) and the non-stop high-profile lifestyle of a gay cruise ship proprietor(i am done/ odd/going in and out/ of celebville/ with an ez pass)

Read the poem in its entirety after the jump. Or just wait till her collected works are published posthumously. Maybe Jewel will write the introduction.

by Rosie O’ Donnell

so katie mcphee is linda ederish

yo yo dog
youuuu look sssssexyhottt grrreat job
i hate country music

does kenny rogers think
he looks better this way
alien from planet hollywood
almost didnt recognize him

i will reload the art movie
with a non i tune tune

i am 1/2 way thru
craig fergusons novel
i triple love it
confederacy of dunces
meets geek love
in a dave eggers universe
buy it

a lot of press
gma tomorrow
and i am done
going in and out
of celebville
with an ez pass

there is much i miss
everything barbra
touring again
thank god
i live in a paralell universe
1 where noone spells write
ross the intern
jays colin

colin was 10
yr one
belted ethel merman
had me at hello

he now works for
everytime i see his simle
i remember the magic

ryan seacrest just said
to simon cowell

5 am
hair and make up
i am getting too old for this

there is a scary kid
talking to larry king
about internet porn

journalism in america

the ask ro
is highly addictive

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