IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: Jeremy Piven’s Journey of a Lifetime



Last night I was lucky enough to catch Jeremy Piven’s Journey of a Lifetime on The Travel Channel. The new series follows the Entourage star in his travels through different regions of India and boy was it inspirational.

Piven leaves all his material possessions from Hollywood behind, (except his new hair, his Penguin shirts and his Barney’s pashmina scarf) and journeys (oh and his cell and his blackberry) and journeys to the sacred region of East Asia. 

In last night’s episode, Jeremy shows he can live without LA’s creature comforts when he roughs it in Bombay. After a private yoga lesson on the grounds of a five star hotel ("this is how yoga should be done") he floats down a river on a boat equipped with a four poster bed and a paddle boy, and ruminates shirtless, about being the Jewish Dave Chapelle.

Piven’s spiritual journey continues after the jump…

Piven_v01 Piven_h03 Piven_h02

Though he can’t speak the languages of the region, he communicates by repeating the word Namaste (oft used in Yogazone classes in Santa Monica) and even shares a laugh with a Hindi-speaking man when he pretends he’s talking about American sports.  We’re sure the gentleman understood Piven’s wacky humor, in fact, it’s amazing how calm the people of India were in the face of a major star like Jeremy Piven. They must have wanted to get his autograph, but understood to leave him be and let him walk the path to spiritual righteousness alone (or with his camera crew).

We’re so glad Jeremy is sharing his adventure and teaching us unenlightened folks about inner-peace. We’re even happier to see footage of the show’s premiere party in West Hollywood featuring belly dancers, fruity Mai-Tais and other enlightened folks like E’s Giuliana DePandi!


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