CINEMA’S GOLDEN ERA: Global Warming the Bench


What better way to enjoy the arrival of spring’s beautiful weather than spending your weekend crouched in the darkness of your local multiplex.  Here are the top 5 movies you forked over your hard-earned money to see:

1.  Global warming is cute and hilarious so long as it only happens to fuzzy little animals who sound like Ray Romano – $34.5 million

2.  Deuce Bigelow, Joe Dirt and Napoleon Dynamite form a dream-team of unfunniness and pound you over the head for an hour and a half with a big bat made of half-baked fart jokes cut out of Adam Sandler’s last movie – $20.5 million

3.  Another movie in which an idealistic teacher must use unconventional methods to get through to violent, unruly inner-city high school students takes the lead opens in third place to mediocre numbers – $12.7 million

4.  Spike, do the right thing and just stop$9.2 million

5.  If only the movie could be as deliciously clever as the title – a pun AND a number turned over to look like a latter.  Who says Hollywood is out of ideas? – $7.1 million

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