Is Moses Having the Best Week Ever?



Even though he’s been dead for thousands of years, History’s Original Delivery Guy, Moses himself, seems like he just might be having the Best Week Ever! 

First of all, this week marks the beginning of Passover, in which the jews honor Moses for helping free them from Egyptian slavery by having a long, confusing meal.  And this weekend Christians are celebrating Easter, which doesn’t really have anything to do with Moses, but he’s in the Bible too, so that has to count for something. 

Next, ABC is airing a very special, very unnecessary re-make of the classic film The Ten Commandments, which is all about my man Moses receiving the holy law from God, forever rendering American Idol as sinful as it is addictive (rule #1, yo). 

And perhaps most importantly, the lead singer of Coldplay and his movie star wife named their newborn son "Moses", maybe after the song from his band’s live album, but probably after the Old Testament figure in question.  Either way, dude’s having a pretty good week – way to go, Moses!

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