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  • A Blog Soup‘s helping of Boston’s More than a Feeling got me thinking: Why did band’s stop naming themselves after geographical regions? Did America just take it too far? I still want a band called White Plains.
  • If you just heard this awesome song for the first time called Blister in the Sun that perfectly encapsulates your Junior High experience of late, you can hear more from this little-known fringe band at People of Paper. Check out Violent Femmes’ Waiting for the Bus. Sorry, kids, it’s not about masturbation. Well, I guess it could be.
  • Audiography’s got a couple songs from band of the moment, The Bronx–who incidentally sound more like the lower east side circa 1976.  I guess the sky-high rent has driven more punk rock bands to name themselves after outer-boroughs. That’s gentrification for you.
  • Stereogum wants to hear your thoughts on Built to Spill’s You in Reverse, so spill it.
  • WFMU blog brings us old footage of Velvet Underground on the Lawrence Welk show. According to Welk, the band is "high on the popularity charts." Popularity charts: is that what they called drugs back then?
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