Lindsay Lohan’s next big movie Just My luck stars the actress as a young Manhattan socialite with great luck who falls in love with a hot guy with terrible luck.  When the two kiss, they swap lucks ala Freaky Friday, and adorableness ensues.

But if you’re like me, you need more than this lame synopsis of the film to tide you over till the Movie’s May 12th release. Just our luck, I stumbled on a series of Just My Luck film stills and based on every romantic comedy ever made, I was able to predict what actually happens in the movie. Check it out after the jump…

1. As a fashion magazine executive in charge of fashion for magazines in New York, Ashley has it all: A fabulous apartment in New York with stairs…


2. And really pretty friends that are only really concerned with Ashley, Ashely’s amazing job in fashion and Ashley’s love-life. In fact it’s all they talk about.


3. One day while Ashley’s shopping in Barney’s checking out the "Paris Account"for her fashion bosses, she meets, or rather, bumps into a dashing man, who happens to be the son of the owner of Barneys and a dapper dresser himself. Both share the same quick-witted flirtatious banter and a love of chocolate brown accessories. He can even appreciate the most perfect red dress on a Barney’s mannequin (the one she’s been eying to buy for the big gala but it’s just too expensive.) He’s absolutely perfect except…


4. He has awful luck. How does she know? He slips a lot.  Also not pictured:  a taxi cab sprays him with street water, a bird drops poo on his head and a subway door closes just before he gets inside. Of course Ashley is on that subway and as the doors close he misses the chance to get her number.


5. Later that night, Ashley’s job as a fashionista in the glamorous world of fashion, takes her to a masquerade ball where all the most important clients are hobnobbing. One of those clients at the party is her Barney’s crush, the guy she thought she’d never see again! Of course she doesn’t recognize him because he’s wearing a hat. Nonetheless she is drawn to his mysteriousness and ends up making out with him on the dance floor, luckily none of her other clients seems to mind. That’s when they ‘swap’ each other’s luck.


6. He gets her good luck and she gets his bad luck. Okay, so she doesn’t get evicted or loose her job and end up working the streets in exchange for a dime bag and a warm bowl of soup.

But she does manage to flood the bathroom with BUBBLES!


7. She’s so upset about her bad luck she refuses to see her one-true-love-destiny-boy. But he persists and bangs down the door when she’s having a half-naked pajama party with her bestest friends who want nothing more than to cheer her up.


8. He says it’s okay, he doesn’t want to come in. He just wants to give her this: THE RED DRESS! The dress she loved at Barney’s but she just couldn’t afford even though she’s one of 10 people with duplex apartments in Manhattan. She is just the luckiest girl in the world her friends say. Wait a minute, is the spell broken? Has her luck finally turned around? 


9. I guess all she had to do to break the spell was fall in love (at the big gala wearing the red dress).


They kiss and he whispers something like, "If this is bad luck, I hope it never goes away" or "I hope my luck never changes" or "Luck be a lady" or I’m the luckiest guy in the world" or  "I lucked out" or "luck you, you lucking lucker."

Roll credits.

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