SIZZLER: Meredith Vieira Abused Before Ever Meeting Joy Behar


Meredith Vieira
, veteran of The View and recently crowned co-host of Today, is the latest in a string of celebs who have bravely come forward and admitted to being abused in the past in exchange for press.  Following in the unnecessarily forthcoming, positive publicity-hungry footsteps of Teri Hatcher and Tom Cruise, Vieira claims that one of her ex-boyfriends was in the all-too-common habit of slapping her around then pleading that "he’s sorry and really loves her", once even throwing the future TV star out of their apartment completely naked. 

The silver lining is that these experiences have only made her stronger, as she’s now better prepared to handle all the verbal, physical and psychological abuse glib co-host Matt Lauer is preparing to hurl upon her.

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