Celebrity Pilots: Stop the Insanity!



When Tom Cruise flew his vintage World War II plane this weekend as Katie Holmes prepared to give birth, it got me thinking: What is the deal with crazy celebrities and their planes?

If Tom’s trying to change public opinion about his creepiness, it doesn’t help when he throws on his bomber jacket ala Maverick and takes his fighter pilot for a spin.

And why the hell does John Travolta always wear a pilot’s suit? I mean I know he can fly a plane but does that mean I should salute him like an American hero? If I had a lot of money and lived in Jumbolair, a village that doubles as a landing strip, then I would probably learn to fly too.

And, Angelina, lots of women have to cut back on things like coffee and tuna fish when their 7 months pregant. Is it so much to ask that you not fly 30,000 feet above ground level while you’re water’s breaking?

Look, this bizarre celebrity obsession with flying is not actually helping anyone’s image. In fact it’s creeping us out in the same way Scientology and Kabbalah does. Sorry, but flying, drinking blessed water or having high thetan levels won’t make you super-human. So can everyone just stop please?! If you really want to create a super-human, it takes more than just money and power, it takes Katie Holmes’ womb.

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