Is Hugh Hefner Having the Best Week Ever?


That might be a dumb question seeing as how Hugh Hefner lives every day of his Viagra-fueled life in a big mansion full of naked nymphomaniacs who would do ANYTHING to get into his magazine.  But this week seems particularly good for Hef, who celebrated his 80th birthday with a 1000-person star-studded bash at the mansion featuring hand-painted bunnies, a sea of expensive champagne, and a semi-nude serenade from Paris Hilton herself.  And now, apparently unwilling to let this swingin’ party stop, Hef is taking his birthday festivities on the road for a trip across Europe, stopping in London, Cannes, Paris, Barcelona, Munich, Rome and Venice – with his triplet of Playboy bunny girlfriends in tow.  And finally, when guests have gone and the lights go out, Hef has arranged to be entombed next to Marilyn Monroe.  Once again, DUDE EVEN GETS TO BE BURIED NEXT TO MARILYN MONROE.

I really don’t see how his week – or his life – could possibly get any better.

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