LISTEN UP: Your Daily Dose of the Best Music Ever



  • There’s an old saying that goes "nobody should be allowed to cover Hall & Oates unless their name is P.J. Pooterhoots." Check out their chemically-altered version of "I Can’t Go For That," courtesy of Scissorkick.
  • Nothing good came out of suicidal cult Heaven’s Gate, except Porcupine Tree’s lovely song "Last Chance to Evacuate the Planet Before it Is Recycled," hosted by Aurgasm. The song features eerie audio of the Cult leader’s explanation of his alien status and his plan to hitch a ride on Halle Bop.
  • Said the Gramophone has The Pendulum’s brand new song called Brand New Song. I only wish their band was called The Band.
  • If you liked Bob’s baseball game, you’ll love Buddy Johnson’s song Did you see Jackie Robinson Hit that Ball. Why? They’re both about baseball.  Jeez, what a stoopid question. Thanks to Tuwa’s Shanty.
  • If you couldn’t get tickets to Martha Wainwright and Neko Case’s recent concert, NPR is coming to your rescue with a few tracks recorded from the performance. If you did get to see them and you still want to hear them, then you’re just being greedy. (Via My Old Kentucky Blog)
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