While You Were Pouring One Out For Proof


  • ProofProof, member of the D12 posse and best friend of Eminem died tryin’ last night, gaining a little more "street cred" than he probably wanted.
  • The Real World is bringing the 18th installment of it’s show-that-won’t-die to Denver, finally giving the rest of America a glimpse of life in the glitzy, fast-paced Mile High Metropolis.
  • Are Madonna and Guy Richie having marital prob…oh, who gives a sh*t?
  • TMZ takes paparazzo-nutzo celeb stalking to the next level with their informative, hard-hitting reminder that stars also do things, "How Random Is That?"
  • Nick Lachey is still diddling the help – he might as well just become the Total Divorced Guy Cliche and get an earring and a sports car.
  • Check out comedian Aziz Ansari’s hilarious LA Times piece, "7 Ways to Use the Lessons of 24 at Work".
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