While You Were Pretending To Be Jewish To Get Off For Passover


  • Mike_tyson
    Muhammed Ali
    has sold the rights to his name and likeness for $50 million. The new owners are already excited about slapping it on a portable grilling machine and calling it a day.
  • Speaking of former heavyweights, Mike Tyson stormed out of rehab just days after starting therapy for cocaine addiction. What? Would you stop him?
  • Guy Richie is planning a "men only" vacation, further fueling suspician that his marriage to Madonna is on the rocks. And further fueling suspician that the trip is going to include some Lock-ing, Stock-ing, and Smoking Barrels, too.
  • MySpace has begun posting public service ads that warn kids about online predators. Like Tom.
  • A talk show host was fired after offering a listener money to kill comedian Penn Jillette (of Penn & Teller.) He wasn’t fired because he endorsed murder, he was fired because killing Penn Jillette should be something that somebody would want to do for free.
  • Now that Katie’s gone, Matt Lauer has signed a $13 million a year contract that keeps him on the Today show ’till 2011. Or till Katie comes crawling back.
  • Paula Abdul is developing a line of jewelry for QVC. (here comes the worst joke you’re ever going to read– you’ve been warned) You can either have the jewelry shipped by mail, or you can get it Rush, Rush-ed. (Told you so.)
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