END THIS TREND: Freaky Celebrity Sculptures


History has shown us that nothing ruins art as quickly as commerce, but that was before celebrities came along.   If things keep up like this, in 15 years the Metropolitan Museum of Art is going to look like Madame Tussaud’s. 

As if the emotionally-scarring "Britney Spears Debuting Sean Preston To the World" statue wasn’t enough, now there’s the "Kate Moss Coke-Fueled Pre-Coital Vagina Presentation" sculpture you’re unable to stop looking at on your left. 

Look, I know it’s tempting for you starving artists to throw together a "Lindsay Lohan Saturday Night Bathroom Break at Bungalow 8" sculpture to get some press and sell some work, but this trend seriously needs to end now before real damage is done and someone unviels their inevitable "Katie Holmes Gives Silent Birth While Tom Cruise Hovers Above Her Like Zool From Ghostbusters" Masterpiece. 

I just don’t think my fragile psyche can handle that. 

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