LISTEN UP: Your Daily Dose of the Best Music Ever



  • Tofuhut has two Biggie Smalls/Frank Sinatra mash-ups. It’s so moving to see performers find musical common ground regardless of race, genre or age, all in the name of earning money for people who are exploiting their deaths.
  • If you love cloaks, smoke machines and all things head-bangy . Or if you just want to piss off your office mate, here’s a live recording of Collosus’s song Kollosus (no relation) brought to you by the Oak Room.
  • Nina Simone’s cover of Beatles Revolution 1 and 2, is so refreshingly original we’re going to go ahead and call it Revolution 3. It’s up there with the Number One Songs in Heaven.
  • Thanks to Diddywah, we can safely say soul singer Bobby Womack had a very different experience from the Mammas and the Pappas when he was California Dreamin’. For starters, Mamma Cass wasn’t there.
  • Lost in the 80’s has the video for The Waitress’s  Make the Weather. I admit I never heard this pop-y early 80’s tune till now, but the video premise of a mad scientist watching the band perform in futuristic white room feels somehow familiar.
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