While You Were Passing Over



  • A Japanese cinema will screen the Colin Farrell movie The New World in "smellovision." They tried this with Farrell’s last movie, Alexander… It stunk. (Thank you, I’ll be here all week.)
  • Pete Doherty missed his most recent court appearance because he was stuck in Paris. Miss Hilton has yet to comment.
  • Tickets for Madonna’s forthcoming shows at Madison Square Garden sold out in ten minutes. Unlike Madonna, who actually waited a couple of years before selling out.
  • The NY Post reports that scientists have developed a formula that determines what makes a great ass. As expected, working for the NY Post is one of the characteristics.
  • Michael Douglas impersonates legendary actor Richard Burton to get wife Catherine Zeta-Jones hot in bed. Like Burton, he just lays there, dead.
  • "I just picked up something and knew at that moment she was pregnant, because I notice things in people."- Tom Cruise, on how he knew Katie was pregnant before she told him, and how he knows the rest of us think he’s completely insane.