While You Were Waxing Lohan


  • MadonnaguyGuy Richie’s love of judo really annoys wife Madonna.  Meanwhile, Madonna’s love of being a painted-up old whore who refuses to let it go "sorta miffs" husband Richie.
  • Take a break from Googling yourself and your exes for a moment, and Google the secrets of The Da Vinci Code.  Or if you’re bored with that, try doing a search for "shameless corporate cross-promotional whoredom".
  • Well I’ll tell you what I don’t want, what I really really don’t want: a Spice Girls reunion.
  • Stephen "Born-Again" Baldwin is reportedly so angry about a porn store opening in his neighborhood that he’s going to teach those godless heathens a little lesson about worldliness by selling his "Christ-like" $3.4 million mansion
  • In this month’s Esquire magazine, Dave Chappelle continues sitting in the corner of his padded room, babbling on and on about why he left his show 12 years ago. 
  • "Magician" David Blaine is planning yet another attention-seeking public "magic" stunt in his unending quest to pull the affection his father clearly never gave him out of a hat.
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