Is MySpace Having the Best Week Ever?


A cursory glance at Google News reveals some shocking discoveries – MySpace is having a crimewaveTeachers are harrassing teensTeens are harrassing teachersCollege students are becoming pedophiles.   The violence and chaos is getting so out of hand that the popular networking site is scrambling to contain the problem.  The MySpace Madness is causing panic in the streets (or at least the Information Superhighway)!  The government appears to be a few public service announcements short of declaring a state of MySpace Martial Law! 

What has become of this "place for friends"?  I still remember the good old days when the worst thing you had to worry about on MySpace was that one friend who leaves all those annoying videos and songs in your comments section.  Now I know what you’re thinking – this all sounds horrible, so how can MySpace be having the Best Week Ever?  Well in case you didn’t notice, people getting in trouble and getting on the news is getting MySpace tons of free publicity, causing the site to get even bigger (and the crime problem to get even worse).  So yeah, I think MySpace is having the Best Week Ever, even if many of their users potential victims are not.

Now hurry up and add us before it’s too late!  We promise we won’t harrass you (too much).

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