LISTEN UP: Your Daily Dose of the Best Music Ever



  • If you can’t wait for more 90’s style techno with vocals by a neurotic actress, go to TMZ to hear Brittany Murphy’s musical endeavor with Paul Oakenfold. It’s almost as cutting-edge as Little Black Book.
  • Popbytes has a mashup of Bjork’s A Hidden Place and The Cure’s The Forest. It works, especially, for teenagers who want to go to a really dark place while they’re getting dressed for school.
  • John Prine’s Fish and Whistle sounds a lot like early Bob Dylan before the god complex, the Jesus fetish or the line-drawn facial hair.  Thank Keep the Coffee Coming for this friday folk moment.   
  • Our good buddy at Advanced Theory has a cornocopia of musical youtube offerings this Friday. Take your pick from the Talking Heads, The Smiths or Tim Buckley on The Monkees. (How was that show ever canceled?)
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