POLL: The Legend of Simon Conjurer: Real or Hoax?


Okay, you watched Best Week Ever tonight. You laughed at the Celebrity Babies, you screamed when you saw Kenny Rogers‘ head, and you got a little bit excited when you saw Paul Scheer in a hot tub. Naturally– that’s to be expected. However, I’m willing to bet that one thing you weren’t ready for was this: The Legend of Simon Conjurer.

What the F is with that movie??? I mean, have you seen the trailer? I’m so confused! The movie looks laughably bad, it’s written and directed by "?", it doesn’t have a release date, and it stars Academy Award Winner Jon Voight… in a fat suit! Am I missing something here? I think I am. So I need you to do me a favor. Watch the trailer, check out the website, and then let me know: The Legend of Simon Conjurer– is it real, or is it all some elaborate hoax? Please help me.

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