While You Were Having a Good Friday


  • Keira
    Tom & Katie’s
    alien baby will be raised a Scientologist. But only because Jews, Christians and Muslims said "no thanks."
  • Keira Knightley thinks Hollywood puts too much pressure on women to stay skinny, and insists that she’s curvy compared to other actresses. By her estimates, the second curviest actress in Hollywood? Dakota Fanning.
  • Robbie Williams will join his old band Take That for a one-off performance during their comeback tour. I know you don’t care, but if you have any friends in England this would be a great conversation starter.
  • David Blaine will live underwater for a week. And if this magic trick doesn’t prove to be as exciting as it sounds, he’ll live on the streets for even longer.
  • Brittany Murphy is making her "grand entrance" into the music biz, collaborating with DJ Paul Oakenfold on a new song (that you can listen to here.) The girl is still Clueless.
  • A federal Grand jury is looking into whether Barry Bonds lied about his steroid use. When reached for comment Bonds said, "Grand… jury… investigation… makes… Bonds… ANGRY!"
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