CINEMA’S GOLDEN ERA: What’s Really Scary Is That People Actually Like These Movies


Who needs nice weather when you’ve got movies like these?  Here are the top five you dropped Hamiltons on this week:

1.  Another shi*ty movie making fun of the last year of shi*ty movies makes millions of dollars, thereby guaranteeing even more shi*ty movies – $41 million (that’s not a typo)

2.  Who says people don’t want to hear about the threat of global warming? – $20 million

3.  Another whip-smart classic from the director of Beverly Hills Ninja, Saving Silverman and National Security – $10 million

4.  Thank god Disney managed to hang on to Pixar – $9.5 million

5.  If a teacher really tried to salsa dance his way into the hearts of troubled inner-city youth, he’d probably get shot in the face – $6.7 million

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