Is The Governor of Namibia Having The Best Week Ever?


Imagine being the governor of Namibia. I’m sure that’s something you’ve done in the past, but I want you to take a second to imagine it again. Okay. Let’s move on.

Samuel Sheefeni Nuuyuma is the governor of Namibia, and this week he’s taking a break from dealing with actual problems and issues to focus on something much more important: protecting Brangelina in their glorious quest to have a baby without the paparazzi bothering them. So not only do Brad and Angelina have lions protecting them, they have Samuel and his threat to arrest journalists if they enter his country without proper work permits. Thats a one-two punch that you’re not gonna get up from. Take that, People.

So with the added star power, the glowing endorsements (Angelina "loves Namibia") and the last name with 3 ‘u’s in it, all signs point to Samuel Sheefeni Nuuyuma having the best week ever. In Namibia, at least.

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