Mel_gibson__present_209896m LONG OVERDUE COMBACK: Jolt Cola.  Red Bull’s predesessor is being relaunched in a new ‘battery’ bottle for a new crop of pre-teens looking for stimulants. (Adfreak)

SIGN THAT AMERICA’S OBESITY PROBLEM IS ONLY GETTING WORSE:  A guy in Indiana is selling burial caskets that are 52 inches wide, twice the size of normal caskets. (D-Listed)

MOMENT CHILDHOOD ENDS: Witnessing the Easter Bunny attack a women at a Florida Mall. It really happened though some kids who saw it were convinced it was only a dream. (Smoking Gun)

PROOF THAT GOD EXISTS: Heavy rains in Mexico has caused filming of Mel Gibson’s Mayan epic Apocalypto to be delayed. (ONTD)

REASON PIPER WEISS IS A GREAT NAME: Because it translates to "Wisteria Bramble of Willowbottom" when you put it in the Hobbit Name Generator. (Barbie Martini)

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