Celebrity Cooking Showdown is Thicke-Headed



Last night’s premiere episode of Celebrity Cooking Showdown, a new series that pits minor celebrities against each other in the kitchen, lacked the shock value of American Idol or the panache of Dancing with the Stars. But it did have one thing other shows couldn’t top: Alan Thicke. The former Seaver who, by the way, never ages, managed to sneak in a Simon Cowell-esque dig in his unassuming game show host voice.

Narrating- ala Iron Chef- as pinup Cindy Margolis cooked frantically, Thicke noted that Margolis isn’t used to doing things for herself. He said: Cindy’s husband owns a restaurant, she has three meals a day delivered, she had her twins delivered by a surrogate. Is there a pattern here?

Is he calling her lazy for not baring her own children? Gosh, I hope so. Listen up for more Thicke-isms through out the week. I can’t wait to hear what he has to say about new dad and tonight’s guest Ashley Parker Angel.

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