EXCLUSIVE: Joe Rogan Hates Obese and Jewish People?


MUST READ!  When millionaire TV star whose life is way better than yours Joe Rogan is not talking wannabe reality stars into eating pig intestines, or waging online war against college kids, he apparently enjoys posting on his official message board, particularly in a 50-page thread entitled "I finally found that jewf*ck crash".  Featuring the lacking levels of intelligence and sensitivity found on most online message boards, what makes this one particularly interesting is that a public figure like Rogan (and yes, it’s really him) not only tolerates this litany of hate speech, shocking racism and outright cruelty, but he "enjoys it" – hell, he even declares it "the greatest thread in Rogan Board history".  So what exactly does Joe find so funny? 

It all starts when one of the members of the board (pictured) is "exposed" as part of Obesity Help, an online support group for morbidly obese persons.  The rest of the board, including Rogan himself, respond by hurling insults (including some particularly disturbing anti-Semitic language), harassing innocent obese people and posting hardcore pornographic pictures (which, according to Rogan, is mandatory to be granted the privilege of participating in his little gem of an online community).

The Fear of bad publicity is clearly not a Factor for Joe Rogan.

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