GAMES: It’s Time To Make The Donuts


Dunkin Donuts– yeah, the place where the single guy in your office buys the Munchkins when he’s supposed to bake something for a pot luck dinner– is more than just a convenient place to buy coffee (that isn’t Starbucks.) It’s a one-stop shop for coffee lovers… and really bored people at work… on the web, too!

Dunkin has just launched a new mini-site called D Stop, where they have cartoons, videos, e-cards, quizzes, and contests to win Dunkin Donut gift cards. Sign up to win one today (then pass it off to that guy you don’t like in an effort to make him fat before summer.) Head on over and have fun… well, as much fun as you could have on a site with a "Gesture Memory Test." Good luck. [link via AdRants]

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