IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: Gene Simmons’ Sexercise Auditions


Gene_simmons_250 Recently, Gene Simmons, Kiss’s sex-crazed front-man, had brainstorm: Why not combine women’s exercise with sex to create the perfect workout: Sexercise. It’s hot for men, it’s slimming for women and the workout video will earn him millions. What’s more, he can hold auditions where hot babes will show him why they should be Sexercise’s workout video hosts. And maybe he can even whip out his bouncey bouncey hand dance.

Wait! He just had another a brilliant idea: why not bring his teenage daughter to the Sexercise auditions?! She can learn how daddy makes his money.

This is too weird to even be explained, so just watch Gene Simmons plug his Sexercise video with teen daughter in tow on TMZ.

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