Melissa Etheridge’s Babby Daddy Mystery


Etheridge Rockin’ lesbian singer Melissa Etheridge and her wife, actress Tammy Lynn Michaels, are expecting twins! That’s right, Etheridge has gone and got another girl pregnant. She already has two children from a previous relationship with another woman. In fact, you may remember who Etheridge chose as the sperm donor for the first two: David Crosby.

We think there’s no better choice for sperm donor than an overweight, recovering drug addict with a permanent handlebar mustache. So who did Tammy and Melissa choose to top Crosby as the father of their twins?

Here are our top three guesses as to who they chose as sperm donor:

  1. Pete Doherty: If they’re looking for an addict, he’s their man.  I mean Doherty’s heroin addiction makes Crosby look like he likes the occasional  white wine spritzer . 
  2. Bruce Villanche: If they’re looking for fat guy with facial hair, look no further. Villanche grows a great beard and is twice the size of Crosby but half the man. And what a joker!
  3. Kevin Federline: The sensible choice. If anyone can impregnate a woman with two babies in one shot, it’s him.

Now it’s your turn: who do you think is Etheridge’s sperm donor?

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