BWE Photoshop Contest: Tom Cruise: You Complete Me


It’s a girl! And that means the Tom Cruise You Complete Me Photoshop Contest is over. Thanks to everybody who participated (like Sarah, who sent us this rather hypnotizing Tom-On-Tom ink blotter-esque photo the left)– the entries ranged from hilarious to downright disturbing. But in a good way. I’ve included some of our favorites below.

Thanks again to everybody… and to you, Suri. For putting an end to this madness. You’re a little angel. (Do Scientologists believe in angels? If not, whoops.)

Click below!

Tom & Liberace — by Liz


Tom & John: Scientology Love — by Sarah


The greatest love of all — by Marcus


I knew he was short, but this is ridiculous– by Crazybaby


He’s not even the weirdest one in this photo– by Chris

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