Add Suri!


SuriSuri’s only been on this planet for a little over a day now, but Tom & Katie’s alien baby is already adapting to the ways of the world and attempting to integrate herself into society as one of "us." The first step? Creating a MySpace profile, of course.

Click here to see baby Suri’s brand new MySpace page. Unfortunately you can only view her profile if she’s your friend… or if you’re a Scientologist… which I find kind of humbling considering I’ve been alive for 26 years and I’ll let anybody be my friend. Seriously. You and your crappy band? Add me. Suri’s much more selective.

Well, I sent Suri a friend request from Best Week Ever. Because when you’re dealing with an alien baby that may take over the world someday, I think it’s smart to be on their good side. Don’t you? [link via A Socialite’s Life]

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