Paul Rudd: The Wind Beneath Her Wings



When Hollywood producers need a guy who can save his family they cast Harrison Ford. But when they’re looking for a guy to be overshadowed by a female lead, they call the woman’s wingman, Paul Rudd. While Rudd is a talented actor is his own right, with an impressive comedic resume, it seems like he’s always top pick for any production where a woman needs to shine. Take his new Broadway show with Julia Roberts. Yes he’s in it too, and he’s probably pretty good, but that’s not important. This is Julia’s vehicle and Paul is there to non-threateningly enhance her glow (and her acting).

More proof that Paul’s the woman’s wingman after the jump…

Remember Paul’s first big role in the Alicia Silverstone vehicle Clueless, where his character Josh served to make soulless Cher seem a little bit more human?  And in Jennifer Aniston’s early vehicle the Object of my Affection where his ambiguously gay leading man served mainly to show how strong (yet pretty in sundresses) a woman can be without a man. He’s the hired gun for making any actress seem empowered.

He will never be the guy in the movie who throws anyone down on a bed, or breaks free of ropes to rescue a child, and he’ll never be the guy who negotiates with terrorists, gambles in Monaco or runs ice over Scarlett Johannson’s lips. But what he will be is a nice guy (possibly holding a bouquet of daisies) who wants to make a promise to the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen. Perhaps it’s his petite-ness or his saucer-shaped eyes that emote heartbreak and adoration in equal parts.  But whenever there’s a vehicle for a female actress, he’ll be there. That’s the Paul Rudd promise.

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