Papa WOW


aww yeaaahhhh.jpgA lot of people have an embarrassing answer when people ask them the question “What was the first concert you ever attended?” For some people it’s a humiliating early 90’s pop act like Color Me Badd, for others it’s a forgotten post-grunge act like Bush or the Gin Blossoms, and for most it’s New Kids on The Block (or even worse, NKOTB.) But as bad as some of those acts are, imagine being the kid who answers, “Well… it was this guy who used to be married to Britney SpearsKevin Federline.” Would there be anything worse? Sadly, it’s going to happen to somebody. BlogNyc has pictures from a K-Fed performance– people attended, people gave him the finger, people will now be forced to tell people that they went to a Kevin Federline show for the rest of their lives. Poor souls.

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