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Welcome to the all new Best Week Ever blog. A site so new it still has that new blog smell. Enjoy it.
tom cruise jump.jpg
Bookmark us now. This isn’t the old BWE– this version is newer and prettier (which is exactly what Haylie Duff’s parents said when Hilary was born, by the way.) If you look on the side you’ll see we have Games for you to play, Upgrade/Downgrades for you to vote on, a Store for you to shop in, links for you to check out, and a whole lot more. We also have a new interactive feature called Drop It, where you can be a part of BWE.tv by submitting your favorite stories, links, photos and videos. Take a look.

So have fun playing around with the new site and let us know what you think. We’re in this together people– let’s make it happen.

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