Cindy Margol-is-Desperate


cindy margoli.jpgIsn’t it great that Cindy Margolis is back? And desperate.

After taking an 8 year break from relevancy (and we’re using the word “relevancy” verrrrry loosely here), Cindy seems to be everywhere these days. She starred in an episode of Celebrity Cooking Showdown (before it was yanked from the NBC lineup due to atrocious ratings), she’s supporting Team Nick (arguably the second most popular team in the Nick/Jessica division), and after all these years she has FINALLY agreed to do Playboy. Which is great. Beause after a decade of looking at pictures of Cindy wearing bikinis where we could see 9/10ths of her rack, it’s about time we get some closure. Those nipples better be made out of diamonds, that’s all I’m saying.

But anyway, we should all be thankful that Cindy is posing for Playboy in 2006… and that she didn’t do it back in 1986. Thank God for plastic surgery.

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