• HEADLINE: “Build your own Iraqi police squad for a little cash” (Yahoo!)
  • ATTENTION-WHORE: Jamie Foxx. Come on, dude – just go away for like, ten minutes. Please. (Fametastic)
  • TEACHER WHO CAN’T LEARN HER LESSON: The Tennessee teacher who just got out of jail for having sex with her 13 year-old student is still trying to holla’ at him. (Smoking Gun)
  • COMEDY GOLDMINE: This dude has interviewed almost every great comedian working today, including BWE’s own Christian Finnegan, Paul Scheer and Paul F. Tompkins! (One Trick Pony)
  • THREAT TO MOBY: Natalie Portman is being considered for the title of “World’s Sexiest Vegetarian”. (Female First)
  • NON-MUSICAL FRUIT: New gas-free beans. (ABC)
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