While You Were Getting Over Your Post-Blogdom Depression



  • LOST star and convicted drunk driver Michelle Rodriguez has chosen to spend 5 days in jail instead of doing 240 hours of community service. But don’t worry – all those less fortunate people she could have helped still got served.
  • Nick Lachey falls victim to the old Rolling Stone cover “bait and switch”, instead landing on the front of Us Weekly, where he rightfully belongs. Just like they say: there’s a publicity-starved sucker born every minute.
  • Tom Cruise admitted to hitching rides with prostitutes and their johns across the Holland Tunnel back in his younger, poorer days. But he swears he only provided “fluffing” services when he was REALLY broke.
  • When not throwing stones at other Hollywood “Stupid Girls”, singer Pink enjoys throwing back drinks in her glass house, Hollywood’s “Dragonfly” nightclub.
  • President Bush has chosen Fox News’ “fair and balanced” Tony Snow as his new press secretary. Apparently Bill O’Reilly was just a little too liberal.
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