PROPPED: College Still Crazy After All These Years


zit.jpgIf not for our loyal droppers and proppers, we might have forgotten just how stir crazy dormatory living can make a person. First, Sock 21 dropped this hilarious video of a college student breaking into Broadway song in the middle of a lecture. Then boteboy0 slanged us this nice little montage of fratguys with way too much time on their hands doing “epic beer pong shots”, set to the crackin’ soundtrack of “Ain’t Nuthin’ But a G Thang”. And finally, lindsayq dropped this downright bizarre warning of the dangers of the Dave Matthews Band (more from these guys here). I mean, I knew he sucked and all, but jeez.

pligg_postitnote_v1.jpgRemember, keep dropping us all the hilarious videos, celeb gossip, funny stories and all the other crazy sh*t on the Internet we just have to see. And if you have a blog or website, include your url in the description and we’ll link back to you!

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