While You Were Feeling Ashamed For Caring About a Stupid Talk Show



  • Now that the initial shock has passed and I’ve had some time to wrap my brain about the ramifications of an angry lesbian-enhanced version of The View, I remembered this recent gossip nugget. Nothing will start a morning quite like watching the Behar-Rosie tag team verbally rape Star Jones and her fake body parts.
  • Accused wife-beating, hooker-killing kiddie porn enthusiast Charlie Sheen launched his new line of children’s clothing yesterday. Timing really is everything.
  • The debut novel by disgraced young would-be author Kaavya Viswanathan, who recently admitted to plagairizing significant amounts of said book, has been pulled by the publisher. The poor prose burglar can’t even drink legally yet and she’s already the Milli Vanilli of publishing.
  • Christina Aguilera says her new album is both “mature AND dirrty”. Kind of like Sharon Stone.
  • Jennifer Lopez is getting her own reality show on MTV, follwing the pop diva as she ‘keeps it real’ in her day-to-day life. She show will be called So JLOrrible.
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